Mar 7, 2021

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Cool Hacker Group Anonymous - Anonymous Leaked Documents

Let’s look at it from a different perspective, as you have heard the name anonymous in many places. We have briefly explained some of its unknown features. Good reading.

What is Anonymous?

Anonymous ? ? The name “Anonymous” has come to represent a loose-knit international network of activist hackers.

Anonymous has no leadership or membership. Anyone who identifies themselves as a member or representative of Anonymous is immediately expelled from the group; anyone claiming to be a spokesperson for the group will be ignored. Since Anonymous has no leadership, it can not be shut down via arrests. It is in use by people from all over the globe and enjoys support from individuals and groups who want to make a difference. “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget, Expect us.” — Anonymous

For some time, it was considered that there may be someone (a team?) that was directing anonymous; this person was called the “master of anonymous. “In December 2010, the FBI speculated that there might be up to 20 people behind anonymous hackings who are also participating in illegal activities.

History in a Nutshell [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]:
In early 2003, a group of friends got together online in order to plan and carry out practical jokes for April fool’s day. Over time, these ideas evolved into hacking various targets for laughs. After taking down the website of the Swedish anti-piracy organization Anti-Piratbyrån on April 1st 2004, they decided to form what is today known as Anonymous.

History of Anonymous

The way it started was when a bunch of people on the image board 4Chan wanted to make a joke of some protest against Scientology. They decided that they could better do this by taking over the front page of, so for around 5 days they worked hard and managed to get the whole page taken over by clicking on the digg button every few seconds. After they had enough members of this group, they decided that instead of just getting on the front page once, they should try and keep getting there every day for a week. This group originally was called Anonymous Digg Legion but soon came to be known as Anonymous.

How was the group founded?

The members of the group were picked from 4chan by their actions, and no other means. This is why they decided there would be no leadership; people who try and lead will get kicked out immediately. New members are also immediately kicked out if they reveal themselves in any way, even if they are friends from 4chan. It is also known that many members do not come from 4chan, but a lot of them still do.

What are institutions attacked by the anonymous group? [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]:
Sometimes people are able to attack institutions anonymously, which may or may not have anything to do with anonymous. Anonymous is in no way responsible for the following:

Stratfor hack — On December 24th 2011, Anonymous announced that they had hacked a private intelligence firm named Stratfor. They claimed that they had released some confidential client email addresses and credit card numbers. Hackers claiming affiliation with Anonymous released the data on several file sharing websites including The Pirate Bay and PasteBin. WikiLeaks began publishing the emails on February 5th 2012. 1 John McCain — In response to a message posted by U.S. Senator John McCain talking about the importance of “protecting the freedom of the press”, Anonymous hacked his website on January 12th 2011. The attack was declared a success when Anonymous replaced all regular content on the site with an image of Anonymous’ logo, a Guy Fawkes mask.

Non-profit organizations [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]:
It is thought that there are approximately 30 organizations supported by anonymous at any given time, ranging from animal rights to pro-freedom groups and even political parties. Any group can ask for support at any time and can have it taken away if they do something against what anonymous stands for or isn’t pro-freedom anymore. Here is a list of the most popular ones:

Is anonymous a hacker group, or are there hackers within it? [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim] :
The members of the group are called Anons. In many cases they are hackers. Anonymous can also include people like artists and programmers, and anyone who shares the ideas. The idea is that all members will act as if there were no leaders by hiding their identity on the net and never claiming that they represent anonymous in any way. Anonymous can only be considered a true organization if it has at least 1 member from every country across the globe in it, so anonymity is a must for all members at all times.

How does Anonymous operate?

No member of Anonymous can ever reveal the identity of any other member under any circumstances, even on their deathbed. This is done to ensure that there are no leaders pushing members in different directions for their own personal gain. Any member who reveals themselves will be removed from the group, even if they’re attacked or have had a personal tragedy happen to them.

One of their most known ways to work is by DDoSing websites until the said website owner gives in to the demands made by anonymous. They can also be seen as “hacking” the website by taking control of the site’s domain name.

Anonymous has also been known to put up posters and stickers around town for their cause. This is not without consequence as many have been arrested for doing this. Anonymous will also spread word of their cause using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. it is thought that each member has one or more online aliases. A few members are also in charge of creating content for YouTube, video clips with messages to the masses in a form of a music video or a similar concept. Anonymous can spread pro-freedom messages on web profiles or blogs and even create entire websites to spread their ideas.