How To Become a Hacker - Find out how to learn to fish

Becoming a hacker is easier than ever, but can be a bit time consuming. There are many ways to learn how to get hacked. Here’s what it takes to learn:

Step 1:

The three main ways are through YouTube videos, tutorials by “captured hackers,” and hacking games. Watch YouTube videos or other tutorial-based websites to learn basic methods like keyloggers. Play hacking games like Hack This Site! or CTF challenges on websites like OverTheWire or picoCTF.

Step 2:

Create your own attack scripts and try them out on sites with security holes in them (hackerone offers bounties for this). You should then create a small tool to help you automate these tests. You can use this tool to test other websites, too.

Step 3:

If you want to become a hacker, you need to be ethical and know the right thing to do. Find out what the rules are for hacking on certain websites.These are the rules of your hacking sites:

Make sure that you don’t use information that isn’t yours. Don’t hack people’s computers and take information from them without permission/knowledge (unless it is open source software). Don’t hack for money or use pirated software. Try not to break laws or harm people (again, unless it is open source software). Don’t ruin the “fun” for other people on the site. Don’t go around bragging about how you hacked something or how good of a hacker you are.

These are the rules of your country:

You are only supposed to use your hacking powers for good and never for evil! Never hack websites that deal with government, national security, businesses, trade secrets or intellectual properties. Never hack your school, friends’ school/work computers or relatives’ work computers. Only hack open source software. If it is not open source software, don’t touch it (unless it is a school project). Don’t hack people’s personal information.

Step 4:

Find a hacker friend who will help you be more ethical and educated about hacking. Get lots of friends on your hacking sites and invite them to your (private) groups. This is probably the most important step! Make yourself known as a hacker to the world around you and make lots of friends, so you can help them out when they get hacked. Also, it is good for your ego to have a ton of friends on your sites because it helps you feel that you are doing something that people are interested in watching or listening to.

Step 5:

Create your own YouTube channel and start uploading hacking videos. Make sure that you are ethical and you do not use hacking information that is illegal or personal. Tell people on your website that you will be posting on YouTube to get yourself more viewers/fans/followers, and then post some videos about how to hack certain sites.

Step 6:

Hone your technical skills for the next step of becoming an ethical hacker. A commenter below has created a guide for learning basic programming skills (in Python). Another commenter suggests DuckDuckGo, which will help you learn stuff like search engine payloads, web security (XSS) and web exploits using cheat sheets and tutorials.

Step 7:

Start becoming an ethical hacker. Use your powers for good and never for evil!

Congratulations! You have now completed this step-by-step guide on how to become a hacker. If you follow these steps, you are guaranteed to become successful! Since there are no hacking jobs in your area, you can create a small business where you let people hire you to hack their websites for them. You can also offer other services like penetration testing (simulating hacks and network attacks) or information security assessments (providing recommendations on how to improve security). Check out this list of top IT certifications for some inspiration.

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