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There are so many ways to get more followers on Instagram, but most of them cost money. However, there are a few of them that actually don’t cost you anything at all and will get you those much-needed followers!

In this article I am going to tell you some of the best ways to increase your Instagram following without spending a dime. Some of these methods might not work for everyone, but they’re worth a shot and the only thing you’ll lose is time.

Divide your content

Yes, dividing your content is a legitimate way to get more Instagram followers. It’s simple: if you want to keep the quality of your Instagram profile high, it’s better not to post something that is too long. People won’t bother reading a text that’s longer than five or six paragraphs. Short, simple posts are more likely to be read and therefore, they’ll attract more followers. If you think that the text is too short, you can always add some meaningful hashtags.

This method is especially recommended for those who want to follow celebrities or other people who already have many followers. You can make an interesting post and then add some hashtags related to the particular celebrity as a tribute to them and attract their attention. In return, they’ll check out your profile and maybe increase your number of Instagram followers.

Get featured on popular accounts

So technically this method does cost something but it will also bring in a lot of potential new followers for free. If you are willing to pay for it, there are multiple websites and companies where you can buy Instagram shoutouts. Shoutouts are basically a post on someone’s Instagram profile that features a picture of your Instagram account. The thing is, when you buy a shoutout from an account with many followers you will not only get the purchased shoutouts but more views as well. This is because the account you bought the shoutouts from will also feature your profile in their stories.

Nowadays there are multiple tools available that will help you produce good quality content for your Instagram and also boost your traffic to your website or blog on autopilot. You can easily connect them to Instagram and then automate everything so it runs in the background without getting in your way or making it feel like work.

Use hashtags

The # symbol on Instagram is the most popular and powerful one you can use, especially when it comes to increasing your Instagram followers. This symbol connects people from all around the world. Therefore, people are more likely to follow you if you are using hashtags relevant to your content and niche. For instance, if you want to grow your audience in the beauty industry, using the hashtag #Beauty would be a good idea as it would connect many people who are connected with this niche and they would also engage with this hashtag because they’re interested in talking about beauty products.

Use hashtags that do not exist yet on Instagram

This is a risky method, but you can’t go wrong by using hashtags that don’t exist in Instagram yet because it is guaranteed to make you go viral on Instagram. For this method to work you need to put up a video on Instagram Stories and then add a hashtag that doesn’t exist yet in Instagram. For example, if you’re into cooking, then using the hashtag #CookingTips would be a good idea because it doesn’t exist yet on Instagram. When people see this hashtag they might think it’s something new and maybe they will click on your profile to learn more about what you have to offer.

Try out engaging content

This should not be that hard since there are already many tools available that will take care of the engaging content for you. For example, you can use a tool like “Stories Gram” on Instagram which allows you to post short stories and even make them interactive. This will make your content more engaging and it will attract people to follow you. Another cool tool that is available is the “Instagram Autopilot,” which works in a similar way as the hashtags method mentioned above but with a twist that the content it follows for you has already been created by you.

Share your work on Instagram Stories

The best way to get new followers and increase engagement is to share your work or a side project you’re working on. For example, if you are the CEO of a tech company, then share that there with your followers. They will probably love it and will want to check out more of your work. Another thing that people might like is seeing behind the scenes photos where they can see how you operate when you’re not on camera. For this method to work, follow these steps:

1. Create a photo and video that will be engaging for your followers.

2. Use the “Stories Gram” tool mentioned above to make your content more interactive.

3. Post on Instagram Stories and tag those people who fit with your target audience or industry for maximum engagement.

4. Pin this content and use hashtags to get more engagement.

5. Hire a team of social media influencers to share your work and use the hashtags you mentioned above.

6. Monitor your analytics for the maximum response on Instagram Stories.

7. Repeat this process when necessary until you start seeing results on your analytics.

Special weychel formula:

Use Instagram hashtags based on your number of followers. For example, if you have 10,000 followers, choose a word with a hashtag post count in the range 10k to 30k. If your follower count is low, you’ll choose a less popular hashtag. As your follower count increases, you will start using popular hashtags.

WHY? Because it’s easier for a ship to get lost in the ocean, but in a small sea your ship can be seen by everyone. When your ship turns into a steamboat, you can go to the ocean.

Do not use free sites and do not buy followers! These are not algorithmically appropriate and will damage your account

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