Using Chrome is silly, well what is the best internet browser?

What browsers are there?

1. There is only one real browser .

2. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) wants to make the whole Internet one big webpage .

3. All browsers are based on the same technology.

Who is using which browser?

What are the differences?

1. The menu system.


3. The ways to add websites on the toolbar and in the address bar.

4. How do you manage your passwords?

5. Security.

6. The speed.

7. The look and feel.

8. The privacy features (encryption).

9. The add-ons.

10. Brave Payments.

What can Brave do for me?

11. The ads.

12. How much data it uses on mobile phones.

13. The speed of downloads.

Conclusion: The best internet browser is Brave (I have been using it for 2 years and I am really very satisfied)

All features of Brave internet browser:

Try “Brave browser”

It has so many features that I am really tired of writing :)



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